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Why? And How?

UMAP tries to give you the tools necessary to leverage the power of modeling your system architecture by integrating system design and its implementation into one tool chain which makes developers AND system architects happy.

By using UMAP you can create the code base in automated step directly from your system design expressed in the UML modelling language.

Features you will enjoy

Code Creation

Generate Code out of your UML diagramms. This does not only make tedious work suck a lot less, it also prevents typing errors and adds some benefit to using UML for the developers.


You usually have to go through a few iterations before your design ends up just right. In order to allow for design iterations or refactoring of existing applications UMAP gives you control over what happens to exisiting objects you change by importing a UML.

Integration of Design and Implementation

Set up a tool chain which integrates an iterative system design process with the implementation of it.

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